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The key to unlocking your potential.

    Personal one on one training!

    Personal one on one training in the comfort of your own home.
    Get the answers to the questions you personally want to ask, be it in setting up your business and marketing yourself, right the way through to the final presentation and delivery.

    Hands-on shoot with an actual couple!

    Get hands-on experience in shooting an actual wedding couple without the pressure of being at a wedding!

    A 5 hour long group session giving you hands on experience and photos to put in your own portfolios!

    Learn from the bottom up!

    Ideal for people wanting to learn even the absolute basics of camera anatomy and camera operation.
    You’ll also get the chance to operate some high end professional cinema gear!

    Get re-inspired!

    You’re never too experienced to learn new things – even us!
    Ideal for those of you who have been in the industry a long time and need some new reinvigorated inspiration!

Great from any side

Get creative and learn from the pros!

Whether you’re a total beginner looking to start a career in Photography or Film making or a seasoned professional looking for new creative techniques to spice up your portfolio there is something for you on our courses.

You will learn from some of the countries leading wedding photographers and cinematographers and will get armed with the tools you need to be successful in the ever-changing modern wedding industry.

Be it one to one online or at one of our exclusive seminars we will answer the questions that are important to you! Get hands on experience on location with an actual bride and groom, without the pressure of being at a wedding in small groups of just 5 other photographers or cinematographers.

And walk away with those shots you’ve always wanted to get for your portfolio or even just to get your portfolio started and importantly, relevant!


How we make you successful

How do they work?

Our group seminars consist of only 5 students at any one time, giving you the opportunity to work on exactly what you want to work on without, long waits explaining details to other students in the group

Seminars are 5 hours long and happen once a month on the last Thursday of every month.
“Why Thursday?”
We are actively working in the wedding industry right now! Most weddings happen on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays. To ensure there is little chance in there being any conflict, we chose Thursdays.

We will shoot on location, locations will vary seminar to seminar and we will show you what to look for in a location and how to get multiple different looks from one area, we will be planning specific seminars for night time shooting, as well as sunrise and sunsets.


1-on-1 Online Coaching

Learn from the comfort of your own home!
£ 100ph
Lots of bang for your buck!

Exclusive one on one coaching for 1 hour

Your choice of Skype or Facebook

Learn from the comfort of your home

Talk about anything from getting your business started through to final delivery of a finished product

Advice on gear and how to use it effectively

Advice on Editing, colour grading and Exporting for various platforms


Group Seminars

Hands on experience with a real wedding couple!
£ 250pp
Get a return and then some in just one wedding!

Comprehensive , hands on shooting both photo and video with a real wedding couple on location

Groups are up to 5 people MAX

Get the experience of a wedding shoot without the pressure of a wedding

Bring back amazing photos for your own portfolios

Experiment, try your own ideas and learn new ones

Get hands on experience with high end Cinematic equipment


Straight out of the horses mouth!

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Editing can make or break your wedding photos or film!

Come to our studios and learn how to edit with some of the worlds leading software!

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